Jürgen Bornemann is a retired general lieutenant from the NATO. He was 45 years with the armed forces.

Mr. Bornemann is a very strict man. One notices his military background at first sight. He is entering the room and everyone gets quiet. He dominates the talk without trying. Even though he is standing the whole speech he wants to have a seat at the front, so one of the chairs has to sit somewhere else.

But Mr. Bornemann can also be funny. He introduced the major problems of the NATO and talks about Russia and its behaviour “I do not think the Russian behaviour will change. At least not until next year when the president election is. Which might be Mr. Putin. Maybe…”

The speaker gave a huge overview about the organization, the strategic concept and NATO’s relationships. We expect the delegates of NATO Council to be very well informed, especially after hearing today’s lecture. The International Court of Justice heard the great NATO overview as well – we will see if it will be helpful in this conference. Maybe some judges will join the NATO at BerlInMUN 2018 after all?

Issues of the Nato:

  • Russia will remain an issue
  • USA has become an issue
  • Europe must become an issue

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