Introduction to the Secretaries General

So here we were, after months of preparation we can still barely believe that this is actually happening. Thousands of skype-calls, millions of emails and many long nights later we find ourselves in the pretty city of Berlin. In our SG cave somewhere in this mysterious building, we are proudly thinking of the great work our kiddos (read: Secretariat) are doing at this very moment. We are sure that you will appreciate the hard work they already have done over the past months. You might not always see us but we will be flying around and our eyes and ears are everywhere. Btw here is an inspiring quote for your first day:

“as a wise man once said celery is 95% water and 100% not pizza. “

That aside, once, a long long time ago, we also started off as delegates, and we know it will sometimes take courage to stand up and say what you want to say but at the end we can already give a small sneak peak about the end of this experience: you will go home with a feeling of fulfilment and inspiration (or at least that is what we aim for). You probably have seen us already around but some of you might wonder what those two human beings are actually doing at this conference. So here you have a little overview of what our job consists of:

  1. we get up
  2. we dress nicely
  3. we have breakfast…

No but really, our job all started almost 8 months ago, when you were still blissfully unaware of the happening of BerlInMUN 2017. First both us discussed which committees and which theme we would select for the conference. Thereafter, we were the bulldogs who chose the wonderful Chairpersons who are now in your committees plus of course the Editors and we made sure you have the best and most qualified people there are for the job. We ensured good communication with the chairs and organisers and assured that you received qualified Study Guides to enable your work leading up the conference. In the upcoming week, we will continue our bulldog rule in Berlin and observe the topics you will be discussing as well as critically correct your work in the committees. Besides that our job is to keep our Secretariat satisfied and give them all the love they need.

We hope we can make this conference an unforgettable experience for you. Even though you will not always see us in committees we will be always present behind the scenes and more than present at socials. Having said all of this, feel free to approach us whenever you want with all your questions, remarks and compliments.

We hope to see and speak to all of you and we will end this column with this cute image of a dog duck.

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