Play Hard, Work Less

Young leaders gathered at the first official social of BerlInMUN 2017 – International Night. As innocent as it seems, the event was only about partying. People met and engaged in friendly small talk, but mostly steered clear of more serious discussions on policy. Getting to know where a delegate came from and their favourite music were the main questions asked by majority if the attendees of the event. Some got excited when they found out someone from the same council as they are, but it stopped there. Further talks barely touched the topic.

Seeking perspectives from what an international dinner supposedly is, it was invisible from the outside. Some Highlights were however the methods of diplomacy used by some delegations, like “alcohol diplomacy” or as they call it in Brussels“soft diplomacy”.Instead of thinking of global issues, they resorted to winking and flirting. Hopefully we will see more serious conversations at the Committee Dinners tonight, as young diplomats do not get their salary for drinking!

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