Security Council

The highly coveted Security Council, will be one of the most exciting aspects of this sixth edition of BerlInMUN. Indeed, this SC will be a historical one and will address the deeply interesting topics of the Cyprus dispute of 1974 and the Rwanda crisis of 1994. The role of the UN Security Council has always been to try and find a peaceful resolution to international and national conflicts in the world. The Historical Security Council is special in the way that it tries to simulate a different resolution for a past conflict and see if such a resolution was ever reachable. The expectations for the HSC are high as usual, and the focus there will be to end the violence in Rwanda and to find an equitable solution for Cyprus. High hopes are placed in the HSC to find a peaceful solution to the Cypus conflict, where a UN mission has been since 1964, and prevent the first genocide since after the Cold War in Rwanda.

by Océane Gougeon

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