A Comment on Sabre Rattling in the Arctic Council

The Arctic is threatened by climate change and the ice is melting rapidly. Animals, indigenous populations and the disadvantaged lower classes from all over the world, especially the working classes from developing countries, suffer from the consequences that issue from global warming.
What the capitalistic countries of the Arctic Council want is an agreement on shipping routes through the Arctic Ocean – for commercial reasons. Since the Arctic will warm up twice as fast as other parts of the world, these new shipping routes will arise – bringing new opportunities for economic leaders. Who will profit from that? US-American industries which thrive on the expansion of the oil economy.
The representative of the Russian Federation stressed in her debates that the U.S. wants more than it is entitled to, since the U.S. has not ratified UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea). This is why mainly Russia, Canada and the U.S. debate about infrastructure and funding of building ports, deep water harbours and a logistic system that makes shipping safer, cheaper and faster. Highly underrepresented are arguments from local communities and the indigenous population, meaning arguments on the concrete territorial disputes, environmental protection and the effects on the settlements of these communities. As there are only a few ships that are able to cross the Arctic Ocean now, it would be more sustainable to concentrate on climate issues and try and save the world instead of thinking about capitalistic profit.


by Karina B.

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