China and Russian Federation Step Up to the Climate Challenge

As the 23th edition of the UNFCCC party began, agenda setting started with the mock debate among member states. The USA representative and UK delegate delivered their speeches in support of green funds as the main basis to reinforce the development of renewable technology.
Mockery can be implicitly heard as China stressed out the importance of more realistic methods to tackle the climate crisis rather than investing billions of funds which will eventually only be use for commercialisation of products. Echoing China was the Russian Federation with a proposal to share materials and frameworks to assist developing countries in improving their green technology.
Agreements should be established between countries. It’s not a free market where powerhouses come with their pre-designed system and sell it to those who are willing to pay. A better approach must be found before the issue can solved properly. Therefore, any capitalistic proposals by the USA and its allies should not be taking into consideration as they are assertively repeating the idea of resolutions with profit in mind.
Innovations have been prepared by China with systematic solution to tackling the climate change issue, further enhanced by the Russian Federation’s aid in providing better solutions for the council. The geographically vast duo are also willing to open their lands to achieve their goals. Alternative energy and green technology are close at hand with the guidance of the Chinese and Russian Federation to lead us forward in global environment issues.


by Scarlet Wizard

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