Impressions of a first (BerlIn) MUN – a try to be revolutionary

Everyone can remember his or her first MUN as it is a life-changing experience. Not only debating about political issues in English but also making new friends from all around the world makes a MUN an unforgettable journey, following the principle from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. To fight all kinds of inequality that result from capitalism and the class society, and to promote international understanding, MUNs aim to spread and teach diplomacy, cooperation and tolerance. Trying to change people’s minds, “passion and audacity are required in big doses”, as Che Guevara, a symbol of rebellion, has recognized already in the 20th century.


The representative of Finland, Symiah Barnett, and the representative of the Inuit Circumpolar Council, Nils Steinhäuser, both in the Arctic Council, talk about their first impressions of their very first MUN.


Who are you and where do come from?

Symiah: My name is Symiah Barnett. I live in Reading, a small town near London. I study chemistry at Aston University in Birmingham. Next to this, I do enjoy hiking and karate.

Nils: I am Nils Steinhäuser. I come from Bonn where I am currently studying Geography at Bonn University. My hobbies are playing Badminton and debating, which is why MUNing is my adequate way to do so and even gain more debating skills. 

What was your first impression about BerlInMUN?

Symiah: I was really impressed by the size of the conference and of the association. Coming from a MUN society that has less than 10 regular participants, this was impressive. Just wow!

Nils: I enjoyed every social until now where I have met great and interesting people. However, I was really surprised by the formal sessions and the strict dress code. MUNing for me is also about learning lots of new and unusual rules.

Why did you choose to be in the Arctic Council?

Nils: As I study Geography, participating in a regional committee directly called my attention. The topics are very contemporary and it is necessary to deal with that. As the representative of the ICC, my position is an underdog one which gives me the opportunity to also inform myself about the needs and wishes of indigenous populations that, coming from Germany [a developed capitalistic country], is an opposing perspective on local problems in the Arctic.

Symiah: I chose the Arctic Council because I am very much interested into how countries deal with climate change and its effects. Since I work in sciences, I believe that it is important to see this through the eyes of politicians. Global warming is a threat to everyone.

What are you mostly looking forward to?

Symiah: I hope to gain diplomatic skills and I am looking forward to meeting new people from all over the world. And I want to try some German food!!

Nils: I look forward to more debates on global topics, new public speaking skills and the Karaoke night OF COURSE!




Interview by Karina Blommen

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