Is the European Council Working for or Against the People?

The first debate of the European Council on the 14th of August seemed full of promises even before it started, as its topic (the future of the European Union) should definitely be more about its people than about satiating the great engine of capitalism. But yet again, the debate quickly shifted towards increasing a so-called «defence budget» and strengthening external border controls, thus forgetting the crucial social aspect the EU desperately needs.
The debate for a united and fairer Europe rapidly switched to the redundant ultra-liberal topic of military spending and severe border control. France immediately set the tone by bluntly declaring that the member state would like the European Union to concentrate its efforts on a common defence policy, as well as a shared external border control and a revision of the immigration and asylum policy, all of this by 2020. It appears clear that this new so-called «pro-Europe» leader knows what he wants, and that is far away from seizing the means of production and redistributing it to their true owner : the people.
Even though Germany tried to re-center the debate on economics (no surprise there), France pushed further and went to the point of suggesting that a hypothetic European army should reach the same level of influence and power as NATO. Maybe afraid of not being blatantly disappointing enough, the French delegation pushed its isolationist stance further by implying a hierarchy between a «real refugee» and an «economic immigrant». We leave to you the leisure of guessing which one stands on the bottom of the asylum merit scale in the eyes of the country of «Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood».
At the end of the day, a working paper was taking shape, and the only preoccupation that came out of it was, as ever, how to keep fellow humans as far away from us as possible.


by Océane Gougeon

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