NATO in Poland and the Nature of Capitalism

The start of the glorious October Revolution in Russia was not the start of the international fight against capitalism, but it was undoubtedly the most successful rising of the workers. The Russian people were the only ones whose fire for justice and equality burned bright enough to rise and burn the capitalist regime, serving as an example for all other peoples of the world. International workers are thus forever indebted to the Russian people for their bravery and sacrifice. But even 100 years after the start of the Russian revolution, capitalism still continues to pose a threat to the Russian people. The inherently violent ideology of capitalism, that runs purely on conflict and merciless competition, will always encourage war. NATOs (the ultimate weapon of the capitalist world) last exercise in Poland “Eastern Vigilance”, right on the border of Kaliningrad is only one of these examples. The logic of capitalism will inevitably lead to war. Maybe this provocation of the Russian people will not be the start of it, but one of these days capitalism will lead the world back into the horrendous pits of war again.

by Aurora Hamm

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