“Nothing Can Have Value Without Being an Object of Utility”

At the first day of the conference the Committee is practising on the
topic is Karaoke. The table is clearly in different positions. Karaoke could benefit to people as it releases stress but on the other hand it goes hand in hand with clubbing and the consumption of alcohol…
Everyone eagerly anticipates the Karaoke-Bar tomorrow, even though some Judges and Defendants are partly the opinion that most people who do karaoke should not sing as they can not sing…but the honourable judges and defendants are ignoring the fact that what is legally allowed by the state should be available to everyone.
This morning the Committee started working for real. Defendants are well prepared and motivated. Speaking effortlessly about principles and articles. The judges are sandwiched between The United States on the one side and the Islamic Republic on the other side. The court hearing that will take place this week may be an arduous struggle as the different sides could not be any more opposite.
But no matter who you are, if judge or defendant, everyone is equal – especially in the eyes of the law. This way of thinking was already known and appreciated by Marx. In that sense the chairs are distributing the speakers adequate time, so at least here everyone has equal access to what is allocated to them by the state.

by Katharina K.

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