Press release (AC)

Press release (Arctic Council: Saami Council)

“The Saami Council of the AC considers commercial shipping routes to be of utmost importance. As an indigenous group living in the areas affected by increasing commercial shipping, we cannot be taken for granted and we must have a voice on this issue. Local fishermen are unable to compete with big shipping industries and for that reason we are highly involved in the problem. However, we hope to reach consensus and we are open to dialogue.”



Since clime change is not unquestionably proven by scientists, it can be heavily doubted that the Arctic ice will melt and that shipping routes will occur to open new routes for commercial purposes. Climate change is a left-wing invention as well as an idea of power-mad politicians to constrain the competitiveness and the economic wealth of other countries.  The media also tries to twist the facts. Countries should focus on their interests and on the national consciousness as well as on the economic benefit that might not occur from shipping routes but from the non-overvaluation of climate-change-fake-news! Furthermore, countries are demanded to concentrate on the greater good where some few inhabitants of the Arctic region are obliged to adapting.




Political affiliation of the day: right-wing populism

Karina Blommen



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