Tensions Between Member states?

Today’s discussion about the compatibility of the proposed European Union’s budget with the stability of EU’s mechanism raised tensions amongst delegates, as special treatments of some member states, as well as financial aids, were pointed out. Germany praised Ireland for its economic recovery after receiving financial support, and deplored that more countries couldn’t follow its example. The German delegation also tried to introduce the idea of «punishing» member states unable to economically recover after receiving financial aid, to which the delegation of Spain hotly responded by «Don’t be selfish», and stressed that Germany should remain humble considering its strong exportation.
The discussion then moved to a highly anticipated topic : the «special treatments» of certain member states, notably regarding freedom of movement. The President of the Commission insisted that the EU should be moving towards an equalising of rules between all member states, in order to evolve into a stronger Union. Although the motives of this wish are clearly and shamefully capitalist oriented, the position of the President stands deeply appreciated.

by Océane Gougeon


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