Trying to Change 90’s Mistakes

The Rwandan genocide of 1994 occurred between April and July because of the attempted extermination from the Hutu against the Tutsi; what happened those months was that the Tutsi population was almost eliminated – it was an ethnic cleansing.
The conflict was a huge massacre in which some countries took part just to try to stop and control it. This was not the position of the US, who acted as if nothing happened at all and surprisingly did not take the opportunity to jump into the conflict.
The delegates of the HSC had the chance to assist to a kind of masterclass yesterday evening; it was at the hand of Sarah Brockmeier, a project manager at the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin and a worker on the UN Peacekeeping. She gave a complete vision of Rwanda’s Genocide and provided the journalists with enough information to use for the rest of the BerlInMUN conference. This talk was the initial energy “Agrentina” (gr is the new rg), the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China and the rest of the delegates of the HSC needed for starting this days of conferences.
We will see what the delegates make of their new knowledge. Will the US take part now they that have a second chance? Maybe they could do better this time, maybe.

Elena Lobo

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