Are lawyers predestined being best delegates or are they just not partying hard enough?


The ICJ is a special committee which is recommended for experienced MUNers who are studying law or at least have special interest in law. 

This year’s edition of the ICJ is working extraordinary professional. Dark circles under the eyes have not been spotted until now, even yawning is rare. The ICJ-members are allowed to use their computers – but none of them has been seen using the internet for Fun. The committee may be the smallest at BerlInMUN17 but it is the most effective as well. Everyone is well prepared and working vigorously, the discussions are getting more and more intense but the atmosphere remains (most of the time) professional friendly. The defendants of the United States even gave long after the end of committee session unhesitatingly an interview to the journalist.

But one does not simply attend at a Model United Nations Conference to work efficiently. It is also about getting in contact with others, enjoying the socials and exploring the city you are staying in. So what about those? But again the delegates are exemplary: Most of the defendants and judges has been spotted on the socials, they were mingling, having fun, talking to other delegates and dancing.

So maybe they are all actually predestined to be best delegates.

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