European Council Finally Addressing Real Issues

Finally understanding the urgency of the currently unsustainable situation Europe has been put in by the migrant crisis, the European Council is now actively looking for rational solutions to prevent this wave of illegals from harming our honest compatriots.

On Tuesday the topic of a tougher external border control was addressed by the European Council. Facing the uncontrollable flow of what the Left cautiously calls «refugees», the European Union found itself cornered in its own inefficiency to handle serious, life threatening matters, at a time of dangerous cultural clashes. It is therefore with surprise but also contentment that our team welcomed the brilliant proposition from Germany to found a collaborative organisation between different security institutions such as Europol and Frontex, in order to make sure that the asylum seekers aren’t wolves dressed as sheep, sneaking through our borders to prey on our pure and innocent women.  To witness Germany learning from its reckless mistakes can only bode better outcomes for the future of this young but already shattering Union. The reading of the Council’s in progress working paper seemed promising, to say the least.


by Océane Gougeon

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