The Dragon VS The Eagle

The enthusiasm of other delegates in social night did not deter China and his allies to leave the room earlier. Delegate of China was spotted getting in a car with Russian Federation and two other delegates. The Intelligence Agency followed the car down to a classified place. Witnesses said that there was a secret meeting led by China, Republic of Korea, India, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Morocco, France, and Russian Federation outside of the sessions from United Nations Conference on Climate Change. It appeared that China was endeavoring to persuade his partners to put the blame on the US, giving ramifications of conceivable contribution from the US in controlling sustainable power source strategy.

The plotters were apparently discussing a working paper that would promote US’s predominance in the Renewable Energy Management. These agents believed that the US must be scheming against Japan, as there was a satellite picture of suspicious cloud patterns over Koriyama and Fukushima which used to be the sustainable power source office of Japan. The mystery summit was an ideal open door for China to lead the pack as world’s next hegemon if the US tumbles down, as the delegate allegedly saying “The US has excessively control”. Moreover China attempted to draw Japan to help the arrangement of expanding observation and conceivable remuneration for the affected areas. The proposition expects to debilitate the US position in this climate crisis and move to other geoengineering components that China appears to be anxious to propose, which has ramifications for the Chinese purposeful publicity to become a superpower and decrease the US influence which eventually suggests potential recuperation of the Communist framework on the planet.


by Scarlet Wizard


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